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   Divorce and Family Law Disputes; Probate and Wills Disputes; Divorce and Family Law Disputes; Probate and Wills Disputes

Personal Injury Settlements

Personal Injury Settlements

Divorce, Family Law, Custody and Support



Attorney Eric Jensen, serving Tyler, Smith County, and all of East Texas, Call lawyer Eric Jensen with your legal issues!

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"Law is the system of rules of conduct established by the government of a society to correct wrongs, maintain the stability of political and social authority, and deliver justice. Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who retain (i.e., hire) lawyers to perform legal services."


A text from a client after an exceedingly difficult day in a family law trial:

"I just wanted to say thank you. You were awesome today. ...I really appreciate you." 12/2110


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 Child Support Cases,

Divorce, Support, Custody

Real Estate Deeds

Probate and Last Wills & Testaments,
 Powers of Attorney.


General Information on Criminal cases

Disclaimer: this information is intended to give you a general idea about the judicial process.  You should consult an attorney for how this information pertains to your particular facts of your case.

If you are arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and you either refuse to take the breath test or fail the breath test, you must act within 15 days of the arrest to keep your drivers license from being suspended.  Call me quick to preserve your license.

Click here for more info on "lawyer promises"
Criminal Procedure and CriClick here for info on Misdemeanor and DWI cases


Although each criminal case is different, the desires of our clients exhibit similar traits.  We recognize the anxiety and hardship associated with a prolonged criminal prosecution and work to rapidly move for the dismissal or reduction of all criminal charges against you. Where applicable, we work to provide alternatives that limit the likelihood of a criminal penalty affecting your liberty and livelihood.

Some commonly asked questions include:

  • How serious are the charges against me?
  • What can be done to get the charges against me dismissed?
  • How do I challenge the legality of my arrest?
  • I made a mistake, what options are available to me?

It is my job to provide you with answers.




General Information on Landlord-Tenant

 Tenants have rights under the law.  Most of the time they are bullied into believing certain actions are correct or else the landlord will follow through on threats.  The language in the lease is important but most mom and pop landlords are too cheap to hire a good lease prepared, so they muddle through with provisions that cannot or will not hold up under scrutiny of law.  For example, repairs and habitability of the premises.

A word about Justices of the Peace:  they are fair, but understand, they are political and tenants come and while landlords stick around.  So you need a lawyer in sticky cases to point out the errors judges make in court cases.

Landlords prepare poorly for eviction cases, so in a lot of cases, if the landlord threatens you with eviction, it is possible that it will not come soon if you let a lawyer look at the Notice To Vacate and Notice To File Forcible Entry and Detainer.  Eviction can possibly be stalled.  You may not need to be in a hurry to vacate.  If tenants handle the case correctly, tenants can buy some time.  For starters, you might even ask the landlord for your deposit back so that you can afford to move.  He might say that you owe rent.  Ask him would he rather have his place back sooner or the deposit money?

Lawyers can find errors in the process.

If you are about to sign a lease, make sure you understand all the small print.  Take it to a lawyer to see if you are getting off to a bad start with the landlord.

If you are threatened with eviction, come see me.




General Information on Divorce & Family Law Cases

Before You Begin the Divorce Process


Here is what you are up against when filing for divorce.  If you don't understand these terms or how they relate to your marital estate, then you need to call me.  My law practice includes the following areas of divorce law:

    • Community Property Assessment
    • Valuation of Assets
    • Valuation of Businesses
    • Valuation of Retirement Plans
    • Appraisers, Evaluation Expert Access
    • Forensic Accountant Access
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Postnuptial Agreements
    • Visitation Assessments / Time Sharing
    • "Move aways”
    • Jurisdictional Evaluations
    • Best Interest of the Child Assessment
    • Joint Custody
    • Legal Custody
    • Physical Custody
    • Psychological Expert Consultations

If you face the prospect of marital breakdown or separation do not hesitate to call my office.  I am here to help, and I would like to put my expertise to work for you.  Too often, individuals feel they can handle divorce or separation proceedings without an attorney only to discovery that they have made uncorrectable mistakes during the dissolution procedure. 

Protect your rights.  Call my office today for an initial family law consultation.

We accept master card and visa.


Also for Family Law Links see Family Law, Child Support Litigation-Divorce and Getting Started for more information.  Click here about Child Custody and Conservatorship

Ending a marriage can be a difficult, emotionally taxing process, especially when children are involved. At the Law Firm of Eric Jensen, we can help you through this emotionally and financially demanding time by giving you confident, focused legal advice to make decisions concerning child custody and visitation, division of assets and debt, and other related concerns. We have handled hundreds of divorces over almost 30 years of practice, and have the experience and knowledge to help your divorce proceed smoothly.

Why do I need an Attorney?
An experienced divorce attorney can help you make critical decisions regarding child custody, spousal support, and property distribution by advising you of what is allowed under Texas state law. As a lay person, you may be unfamiliar with the materials needed and the processes necessary to complete a divorce and establish support networks to reestablish your life. Perhaps you are saddled with debts that are not legally yours, or you took part in building a business and want your fair share. A divorce lawyer can give you sound advice and peace of mind in fashioning a divorce agreement to suit your needs.

Other Family Law Needs
Besides divorces, the Law Firm of Eric Jensen assists clients with other family law needs, including post-decree modifications (for custody and support), adoptions, and name changes. Our attorneys represent clients throughout east Texas, including Smith County, Gregg County, Van Zandt County, Upshur County, Wood County, Anderson County, Rusk County, Henderson County, Cherokee County.

Contact a Divorce Attorney
If you and your spouse are divorcing, and you would like to speak to an experienced family law attorney about your circumstances, please call (903) 581-1992 or 
contact us online. Let our experience work for you.

In Texas, the final results of most divorces are determined by the way in which they begin. The beginning of the divorce is guided by the way in which the marriage ends. Just like "good" and "bad" marriages, there are "good" and "bad" divorces.

The way in which the wife and the husband behave and communicate with each other during the most stressful moments in their marriage, could serve as a mirror image of how they will behave through the divorce process. It means that the Anatomy of Divorce and Separation in Texas will inevitably contain the same tissue as the marriage. The metaphoric tissue of the ending marriage is frail, torn apart with many scars from the past. Our challenge here is to strengthen it so that it can sustain the divorce process in the present time.

In his Texas Divorce and Family Law practice, Eric Jensen of the Texas Legal Team handles his clients who are going through divorce or matrimonial and family matters in traditional matrimonial litigation. All parties must agree with the court upon filing of the Original Petition and Original Answer to utilize alternative dispute resolutions like mediation if settlement negotiations does not resolve the case. Mr. Jensen excels in mediation. Mr. Jensen always insists on sitting down with all the parties as often as necessary to strike up a good settlement. My definition of the a good settlement is where you walk away a little unhappy, giving up interests in property for receiving other interests in other property.

Before you start the separation and divorce process in Texas, you must prepare carefully so that you can tap into all of the resources that you will need at the appropriate moment. All of the emotions associated with the ending of a relationship like anger, fear and sorrow must be transformed into positive energy to manage your separation and divorce successfully.

Ideally, while you are contemplating separation and divorce, while you may feel your world is falling apart, you must also begin building your new life. Before you take any action, legal or otherwise, try to find ways to take control of the divorce process. Personal power and control are essential to this and any other fundamental human experience. This is the time to be strong and centered. End the pain of marital discord. Get organized and let's get going.

While still married and living together with your spouse, it is advisable to save all of the receipts for major purchases and prepare an inventory of all of the property and assets acquired during the marriage. Make sure you have all of the important papers and documents including deeds to real property and income tax returns.

Keep accurate financial records, copies of insurance policies, try to obtain credit in your name, make sure that title and registration to your car are in your name; and keep a new inventory of your safe deposit box.

If you feel you are getting close to filing for divorce in Texas, make sure that your valuable documents are stored in a safe place and obtain a safe address for personal mail. Consult an reputable Texas divorce attorney. Consider repayment of family loans and upgrade your clothes and personal appearance.

If you plan to leave home, take the documents I mentioned above with you as well as all valuable personal property items that you want the court to award to you. Whether you take them or not, the Court can award temporary possession and use of them to either spouse during the pendency of the divorce. Call me on this.

See Additional Information Below and throughout this website.

Real Estate Matters Deeds, IOU Notes, Foreclosures & Banker Mistakes Click here for more info on For Sale By Owner process and Attorney Eric Jensen This image is a copy of the newspaper ad Eric Jensen ran recently in East Texas and says For Sale By Lawyer Attorney Services-- 1 Real estate questions answered, sales contracts provided and filled out, title insurance ordered and closings, even playing field against agents, deeds, cures, claims, foreclosures, liens etc phone 903-581-1992
Eric Dana Jensen---That's Right! Eric Jensen is your For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Lawyer! For a fee, Mr Jensen provides legal services to individuals selling their property. In addition, he lets you use his company's website to help promote your property online. Click on over and see why Mr. Jensen believes in FSBO!

Mr Jensen believes you have every right in the world to sell your home and property without a real estate agent and he can help you along the way, answering your questions, providing you forms, helping you fill them out, and working with real estate agents, ordering Title Insurance and closing your deal. I charge a reasonable hourly fee and these fees will be substantially less than real estate agent fees. Call Mr Jensen and let him show you how his legal and marketing advice can help promote the sale of your property...903-581-1992

Be sure to check out the Legal Forms page, but bear in mind, your rights weigh in the balance and you should only use these forms for educational use only and seek my assistance to fill them out. Your untrained use of these forms could cost you money and an unenforcible contract. Real Estate Legal Forms

Mr Jensen also has considerable experience with Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Family Law and Real Estate —

Count on Eric Jensen as an experienced legal counselor who deals with all general practice cases, which means his work concerns all types of cases from bankruptcy and criminal law, to divorce and custody battles and personal injury. The community recognizes him as a well-rounded legal intellectual whose broad area of interest span the interests of the general public.

General Practice Lawyer---

Eric Jensen handles these legal matters: Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Adoptions, Divorces, Trusts, Wills, Estates/Other Probate Work, Real Estate Transactions, Agricultural Law, Domestic Law, Criminal Law.

Family Law---- Even though we work with all general practice cases, we deal extensively with cases concerning family law. So contact if your case deals with Visitations, Adoptions, Paternity, Juvenile, Alimony, Divorce, Restraining Orders, Protection Orders, Property Division, Child Custody, Guardianship, And More!

If you need a lawyer for general practice, personal injury law, family law, or even criminal defense in cases involving DUIs, felonies, or misdemeanors, and you want someone you can trust, call the Texas Counselor Eric Jensen today.903-581-1992

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation at our easy Location:

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Hours of Operation:


8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Emergency Contact or After Hours:

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The Right Lawyer For You
Call me about your legal problem. 903-581-1992. As you get to know Mr. Jensen, you will find that he is knowledgable and genuinely cares about you.
More Info on Lawyer Tasks
Eric Jensen is easy to work with, cares about you, your family and your case.

In a nutshell, here are the services a lawyer can handle:

Here are just a few of the things a lawyer can help you do:

Buy, finance, and sell property.

Calculate appropriate child support payments.

Collect unpaid child support payments.

Consult with your lawyers in areas outside of their normal practice areas.

Curtail obdurate behavior.

Debt collection.

Determine the enforceability/impact of contracts, leases, wills, trusts, and other documents.

Develop and legally operate highly regulated and/or licensed businesses.

Develop, register, and license intellectual property.

Defend against allegations of misconduct, regulatory violations, and criminal charges.

File a Mechanic' Lien, Tradesman's Lien, Materialmen's Lien, or other lien.

Find alternative remedies to marital discord other than dissolution.

Foreclose a Mechanic' Lien, Tradesman's Lien, Materialmen's Lien, or other lien.

For sale by owner "FSBO" real estate transactions.

Form an LLC.

Incorporate in Texas.

Litigate against either governments, people, or businesses that want to stop you, hurt you, jail you, shut you down, get in your way, fine you, or do you wrong.

Obtain compensation for business and/or personal injuries.

Plan and structure both domestic and international business transactions.

Plan, develop, form, finance, and operate a business.

Plan, develop, and finance construction, and other projects.

Protect business/personal interests in the event of marital dissolution.

Register Trademarks, Service Marks, and Copyrights.

Represent you before administrative "boards".

Resolve disputes by Arbitration or Mediation.

Sell real estate without involving real estate dealers.

Understand what contracts, leases, and other documents "really" say.

Understand what documents "should say" from your point of view.

Work with government regulators, public officials, and institutional bureaucrats.

Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

 Mr Jensen takes tremendous pride in his diversification and general practice of law. Licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1979.


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