"For Sale By Owner"--Beware of Realtor Fees!

A note from Eric Jensen, Attorney At Law, Tyler, Texas:

     Thank you for responding to my recent newspaper advertisement.  The response has been overwhelming with sellers desperate for information on how to sell their real estate For Sale By Owner.  I am willing to sit down with you for a moment to give you enough information to get you started in this worthwhile endeavor.  My initial consultation is free.  If you require me to help in furtherance of your sale, I require an initial retainer of $175.00 per hour which will usually cover the time to write a contact or review a contract or look into your title or review any other matter pertaining to the sale of your property.  I take credit cards.  Shortly I will provide some information on this site that will assist you up front to determine the path toward a successful For Sale By Owner experience.   Every situation is different so I will listen carefully to yours and give you the best idea on how I would proceed.  Then you make the decision on your course of action and then we get started.

     You are invited to place an ad for free on my www.TylerRealEstate.com website.  Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the For Sale By Owner button.  It is free. 

Thank you for trusting me with your important legal matters.  My concern is you and together we will make your sales experience enjoyable.

Call me at 903-581-1992

Eric Jensen, Attorney At Law

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