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As an experienced family law attorney, I understand the psychological and financial impact a divorce or separation can have on an individual.  As your family law attorney I will offer you the personalized and professional support you need to protect your rights and gain peace of mind. 

Specifically, I can help you solve issues in the following areas of divorce:

Marital Property Division

I have extensive experience in assessing community property value, an essential skill needed to protect your property rights.  Texas is a community property state, which means that all marital property is divided equally between the divorcing parties.  If property is not classified as marital property, or if property is hidden or given a deflated assessed value, you can lose enormous amounts of real and personal assets.  Do not trust valuation of assets, 401 K’s, personal businesses, and real estate to a novice attorney.  Certainly do not attempt to assess the value of these things yourself.  My firm can consult with Forensic Accountants, Psychologists, Actuaries, Vocational Experts, and other specialists. Their retainers vary, but their services are generally useful and decisive in valuation cases.  In Texas, we need to characterize the property as being either separate property of the spouse which is not divisible upon divorce under most circumstances, and community property which is divisible in a fair and just manner.  Experts will determine the character of the property if it is in dispute.

In addition, if you are anticipating getting married, and would like to plan for the future, so much of the economic and emotional devastation of divorce can be prevented with a simple prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.  If this makes sense to you, do not hesitate to call my office. 

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody disputes are among the most difficult issues I handle as an attorney.  I have over a twenty eight years of experience in helping individuals solve their custody issues with empathy and diligence.  I have handled numerous “move away” situations in which one spouse wants to move out of State with the children.  In move away situations, jurisdiction and other technical aspects must be evaluated carefully, along with the best interest of the child.  Trust me to help you through this highly complex procedure, so that you can have the opportunity to start over. 

In addition, I have extensive experience in representing clients who are seeking or want to change custody or visitation arrangements with their children.  I will handle your case with determination and care.  I have access to expert psychological experts that are increasingly important in helping courts make their custody determinations that are in the best interest of the children.  Call my office today so that I may put my custody expertise to work for you. 

Child and Spousal Support

Determining child support payments is a very technical area.  In Texas courts consider income of the spouses (parents), among other sources, to determine what the child will receive.  I have extensive experience in determining income, standard of living, and projected income.  Do not jeopardize your rights.  Let my office evaluate and present to the court what you should pay or receive in child support payments. 

In addition, I have handled many spousal support cases. Spousal support usually comes about during the pendency of the divorce, but can be ordered paid to a deserving spouse beyond the date of the final decree.  Call my office today for the help you need. 

Protect your rights.  Call my office today for an initial family law consultation.

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