General Information on Divorce &
 Family Law Cases

Family Law From the Perspective of Eric Jensen, Attorney At Law--903-581-1992

The final results of most divorces are determined by the way in which they begin. The beginning of the divorce is guided by the way in which the marriage ends. Just like "good" and "bad" marriages, there are "good" and "bad" divorces.

The way in which the wife and the husband behave and communicate with each other during the most stressful moments in their marriage, will serve as a mirror image of how they will behave through the divorce process. It means that the Anatomy of Divorce or Separation will inevitably contain the same tissue as the marriage. The metaphoric tissue of the ending marriage is frail, torn apart with many scars from the past. Our challenge here is to strengthen it so that it can sustain the divorce process in the present time.

In his practice, Eric Jensen handles his clients who are going through divorce or matrimonial and family matters in traditional matrimonial litigation as well as in alternative dispute resolutions like mediation. Neither option is superior to the other. Each is suited for particular clients in particular situations.  The whole idea is to negotiate from a strong, fact oriented position, with a superior knowledge of the law and having courage to fight in a court of law.  This is where Eric Jensen excels, preparing for trial at the same time trying to settle in terms clients can accept.  Mr Jensen never allows a client to give up ground "just to get it over with."  If this happens, it's rare, because Mr Jensen insists on courageous action and bringing out the best character in his clients.

Before you start the separation or divorce process, you must prepare carefully so that you can tap into all of the resources that you will need at the appropriate moment. All of the emotions associated with the ending of a relationship like anger, fear and sorrow must be transformed into positive energy to manage your separation and divorce successfully.

Ideally, while you are contemplating separation or divorce, while you may feel your world is falling apart, you must also begin building your new life. Before you take any action, legal or otherwise, try to find ways to take control of the divorce process. Personal power and control are essential to this and any other fundamental human experience. This is the time to be strong and centered. End the pain of marital discord. Get organized and get going.

While still married and living together with your spouse, it is advisable to save all of the receipts for major purchases and prepare an inventory of all of the property and assets acquired during the marriage. Make sure you have all of the important papers and documents including deeds to real property and income tax returns.

Keep accurate financial records, copies of insurance policies, try to obtain credit in your name, make sure that title and registration to your car are in your name; and keep a new inventory of your safe deposit box.

If you feel you are getting close to filing for divorce, make sure that your valuable documents are stored in a safe place and obtain a safe address for personal mail. Consult an attorney. Consider repayment of family loans and upgrade your clothes and personal appearance.
If you need to file for a divorce, think about these issues and call Eric Jensen for consultation.